2023—The New Intelligent Enterprise

In last week’s blog, I outlined what I thought future companies would look like vis-à-vis their information technology and decision-making capabilities. I believe they’ll be intelligent, connected, and agile. Over the next several weeks, I’m going to dive deeper into how I think companies will realize their futures. And, as I’ve said, that future is […]

2023—The Company of the Future

Technological change is happening at a rapid pace, no more so than in information technology. In the past decade, the deluge of big data has wrought a vast transformation of the IT landscape. Predictive analytics has become common-place. New technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) promise to change the way we approach analytics and decision-making. […]

You Need an Intelligent Cloud

According to a recent IDG survey, about 70% of companies have at least one application in the cloud. An additional 43% want to migrate most, or all, of their data workloads and analytics capabilities to the cloud over the next few years. Cloud adoption is growing due to pressure to increase agility and responsiveness to […]

Machine Learning–Algorithms and Applications

In my last two posts, I’ve talked about machine learning (ML) and how it can help you get more out of your analytics and data integration efforts. Because ML is not a specific technology, but rather a deep and complex set of mathematical algorithms, it’s important to understand which types of algorithms will help you […]

Keeping the Humans in Machine Learning

In last week’s blog, I talked about how machine learning (ML) can help with data integration. Much of the feedback I received concerned how to implement ML for data integration, but more broadly within the context of analytics in general. Machine Learning can boost your analytics efforts by helping computer systems learn in a manner […]

Is Big Data becoming a Dirty Word?

If you’re 40+, you may remember 15-20 years ago when data warehousing was the THING. Every company that could afford to build one was either in the process, or thinking about it. According to the pundits at the time, the data warehouse (DW) would revolutionize business. It would give you quicker, deeper, more actionable insights […]

Disaster-Proofing Your Supply Chain

Imagine having to shut down the production line of your most popular–and profitable–product because of a disastrous fire at one of your crucial suppliers. Such a scenario has the potential to be catastrophic because of the slice of revenue it represents. Sure, you can move quickly to reduce the impact of the incident, but the […]

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