Artificial Intelligence–Optimization, Redefined

Many people I talk to—especially those in the C-suite—are excited about artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) in particular. However, they’re a little fuzzy on exactly how it can help them. There’s a lot of information flying around about AI and ML, but much of it is contradictory, and it’s hard to discern the […]

Failing Forward

I spend a lot of time talking to clients who’ve failed. They’ve either tried to implement a project that didn’t go as planned, or they’ve made the wrong choice of tools, technologies, people, or process. There are a thousand possible reasons for failure. Some could have been foreseen and avoided; some were awful surprises. We […]

Transform your business with a DSN

Last week we talked about some of the benefits of building a digital supply network (DSN), as well as some of the challenges that companies face when shifting from traditional supply chain operations to DSNs. This week, we’re going look at what has made the rise of DSNs possible over the past couple of decades, […]

Let’s Get Digital–With Your Supply Network

Everyone’s going digital with their supply networks, aren’t they? Well, no, they aren’t. They should be, but in my conversations with clients and colleagues, it’s my estimation that only about 30% of companies are in the process of implementing a digital supply network (DSN). Probably another 60% plan—or want—to, but they don’t know how to […]

Welcome to the Now of Analytics

So, you’ve got your analytics environment set up nicely for your business. You have hindsight into what has happened, some understanding as to why it might have happened, and some pretty good predictive—and maybe even prescriptive—capabilities. Those insights are driving better decisions and helping you make your operations more efficient. But, do you have some […]

Grow Up–Analytically That Is

If your company is like most mid-to-large size companies today, your analytics spend is high and climbing. The pressure to keep up with the newest technologies is almost crushing, especially in the face of abundant data showing that companies with mature analytics technology outperform their competitors. There’s an analytics arms race out there, and it […]

Meet your Challenges Head-On to Achieve High-Impact Outcomes

Your business environment is more challenging than ever. Globalization has led to increased operational complexity. New technology and automation have increased fraud and compliance risk, at a time when customers are demanding innovative new products and services, and shareholders are demanding that companies unlock the greatest value from all their physical, intellectual, and digital assets. […]

Democratizing Analytics for Better Decision Making

Ten years ago, providing self-service business intelligence (BI) capabilities to democratize analytics power across the organization was high on the list of most companies’ CIOs. With the data and tools of the time, it was possible, and many companies did a good job of implementing self-service BI—at least to “power users.” However, over the past […]

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