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Pervasive Intelligence Now—Changing the Game

Fifteen years ago, edge companies began to revolutionize their business with advanced analytics, but the problems analytics were supposed to solve still remain:

  • Intelligence is fractured and inconsistent across the enterprise
  • Agility is difficult to achieve while maintaining growth
  • Costs are too high and difficult to control
  • Data value and potential is difficult to unlock

Through my 20-plus years of experience helping companies deploy analytics effectively, I have found that, to be successful, companies must embrace a culture of analytics and embed it throughout their organization. They must make it pervasive.

Thus, this book. It’s the culmination of my learning, from both successes, and failures, on how leading companies are achieving analytics success. In it, I talk about:

  • Technologies and practices at the forefront of helping companies make analytics pervasive:
    • Information yield
    • Digital supply networks
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
    • Cognitive design
    • Data security
    • Data lakes
    • Intelligent clouds
  • An innovative approach to analytics—AnalyticOps—that helps companies start fast, think big, and leverage their analytics investments more effectively to get the answers they seek.

Not a methodology, this book is more the discussion of a philosophy that can help companies turn analysis into intelligence, and make it pervasive, to help them define who they are now—and who they will become.

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