The People for Pervasive Intelligence

You can buy all the hardware and software you can afford, and wrap it in a wonderful platform with analytics engines, beautiful interfaces, powerful databases, and all the cloud storage and flexibility you can muster, and still fail at finding the answers you seek to grow your business. Why? People. Tools are easy—sometimes. People are […]

Question Everything to Put Intelligence Everywhere

Over the last few posts, I’ve discussed the need to embed intelligence into the core of your organization—to make it pervasive. Some of the feedback I’ve gotten concerns the difficulty in making intelligence pervasive when many companies struggle with simply implementing analytics to begin with. To be sure, most mid-to-large companies have analytics capabilities in […]

The Pervasive Data Intelligence Platform

Over the past couple of posts, I’ve talked about what pervasive data intelligence is and why you need it, as well as the technological and human factors involved in making it a reality. This week, we’re going to dive into the environment you need to create in your organization to embed data intelligence in each […]

It’s the People–Always

Computers are smart, and they’re getting smarter every day. It’s amazing how often I hear about which jobs will be overtaken by machines, and to a large extent, it’s true. Many human functions will be replaced by machines. However, humans will always be smarter—if not faster—than machines, because we have one thing they don’t: empathy. […]

Pervasive Intelligence: A New View on Intelligent Technology

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been discussing the topic of pervasive intelligence—embedding analytics and other intelligence capabilities into the organization enterprise-wide, at its most elemental level. The drive to make intelligence pervasive will change how you interact with customers and how you operate. It will also change how you deal with data. However, […]

Data and Pervasive Intelligence

In last week’s blog I talked about the concept of pervasive intelligence—of embedding intelligence capabilities that go beyond traditional analytics into every facet of your organization. The goal is to make the organization itself intelligent, to entrench digitally-enabled decision-making into the organizational DNA. When you make intelligence pervasive throughout the organization, it changes the way […]

Pervasive Intelligence–What it is and Why you Need it

Analytics is table stakes. It’s not enough anymore to simply buy and install packaged software, or to build a custom system to solve discrete problems. Instead, companies that thrive will transform their organizations—both digitally and culturally—to make intelligence pervasive throughout the enterprise. The concept of pervasive intelligence isn’t necessarily new. It’s actually what we’ve been […]

Driving Costs out with Digital Transformation

If you turn on your TV for more than five minutes these days, you can’t help seeing those great commercials with dramatic music, shimmering lights, and suave spokespeople making sweeping pronouncements about a future made brighter by digital transformation (DT). Those commercials make for amusing viewing, but they don’t provide much in the way of […]

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